What we can help with
Skin by DM is here to help you gain the results you deserve to feel confident in your own skin.

Everyone’s skin is unique and different in its own way, what products may suit one individual may not suit another. This is the same when it comes to skin concerns, what we may see as a problem to someone may not really be what they are concerned with and want help with. A skin problem can really knock your confidence and we believe that everyone can have optimal skin health and the results they deserve.

Many people self-diagnose their skin and then choose products based on this diagnosis. This is where a lot of problems and skin concerns can arise. We never categorise skin by oily, dry, or combination, here at skin by DM we look deeper into the concern and treat the underlying problem that could be causing the issue.

Below are just some of the skin concerns we can help with, if in doubt contact us and we will be able to advise.
General Skin Health

Often we are happy with our overall skin however would like to make it that bit brighter or more refined, or even preventing premature ageing. Only concerned about blackheads or find you are a sensitive sole and react to different products, we can still help. We can still offer support and advice by adding in a couple of products into your routine to accelerate the results that you are after.

Dry/dehydrated/Dull Skin:

People often get dry and dehydrated skin confused, but both can often lead to a dull like appearance.

Dry Skin
Dehydrated Skin

Lacks natural oil production
Been stripped of natural hydration

Can have flaky patches
Often has fine dehydration lines

Feels rough
Feels tight

Can be eczema, psoriasis prone
Seems to drink in any product applied

  • Environmental damage, caused by central heating, climate changes
  • Over exfoliating or cleansing
  • Inappropriate ingredient/product use
  • Menopausal changes
Skin By DM can help you by working out what has caused the problem in the first place and then advising on correct homecare products with the right ingredients to suit your skin.


Rosacea is often caused by many triggers that can include alcohol, spicy foods, weather and stress to name a few. It often causes the skin to look very flushed and red with broken capillaries present, normally across the nose and cheeks, and can give the skin a thickened dry appearance with some bumps and small spots.

There is no cure for Rosacea however at Skin By DM we know how to calm the effects and strengthen and protect the skin so it is less reactive to the triggers, therefore significantly reducing the redness and improving the overall appearance.


Acne can come in many different forms and be graded from mild to severe. It often gets miss diagnosed and treated incorrectly. A typical acne skin includes large sore red, pustular spots which is caused by oil and dead skin build up within the hair follicle. Often people want to try and strip the skin which can actually aggravate the situation so we take a gentle approach at skin by DM and treat each case differently. We are not a medical professional but at Skin By DM we have successfully treated different forms of acne through correct homecare recommendations and often prevented people going on any medication or supported their skin whilst on medication to aid healing.

Skin Condition

Oily Skin
Dull, sallow complexion, small pimples and blackheads with a shiny appearance
Hormones, incorrect product use, lifestyle choices

Acne Vulgaris
Red, swollen lumps, pustular spots, blackheads
Hormones, heredity, common in teenagers and younger skins

Severe Acne
Very enlarged inflamed hard nodules/cysts, painful to touch
Infection within the hair follicle

Acne Rosacea
Red/Flushed appearance, lumps and pustular spots often present around the nose area
Hormones, Lifestyle, weather, hereditary, skin irritants, stress


Hyper pigmentation can appear anywhere on the face or body and it is an excess build-up of our melanin. Melanin is the pigment that our melanocytes produce and causes colour/darkening on the skin. Skin that is prone to pigmentation is at big risk and sun exposure or inflammation/trauma can make it significantly worse. Pigmentation takes a long time to treat as you do not know how deep the pigmentation/damage is. Here at Skin By DM we can recommend the correct ingredients and protection not only so we can prevent it from getting worse but we can improve the overall appearance.

Skin Condition

Natural darkening in patches on face, often across the top lip or the butterfly effect across the nose/cheeks/forehead
Hormonal changes, very common during or after pregnancy

Darker Sun/liver Spots
Generally, appear in spots that are over exposed to the sun, like the face and the hands, thicker skin appearance can be quite patchy
Pigmentation damage that comes over time from ageing skin and sun damages

Post inflammatory Hyper pigmentation
Pigment patches vary in colour depending on the depth of the damage, resembles the shape of the damage caused
Result of injury or damage to the skin, often can be from acne scarring, incorrect product/treatment use

Fine lines and Wrinkles/Loss of Volume

Fine lines and wrinkles occur over time with natural skin ageing. However there are many factors that can contribute into making them worse causing photo ageing skin damage:
  • Lifestyle choices: Smoking, Alcohol consumption
  • Free radical damage, from pollutants in the environment
  • Sun damage
We always get asked to work out someone’s age by looking at them. Funnily enough we do not actually agree with this as everyone’s skin age is different from their true biological age. For example if you have always looked after your skin and worn SPF everyday it is highly likely that your skin age will be much younger than your actual age. Same as if you have bad lifestyle habits then your skin age will show to be much older than your true age. This is also why we do not agree with skincare companies categorising there skincare ranges into age groups and again often why people can use inappropriate products for their skin.

The biggest cause of photo-aged skin, is sun damage. UVA and UVB radiation actually breaks down our collagen levels that are found in the dermis of the skin. It is these lovely collagen fibres that keep our skin firm. If this breaks down, loss of facial volume starts and then gravity takes effect and the crease of a fine line/wrinkle develops. Not only does it affect our collagen fibres but also our skin cells, they start to slow down and become sluggish creating a thickening of the skin.

Photo-Ageing Classification

No wrinkles
Minimal lines when facial expressions show, minimal pigment changes, skin still plump

Expression Lines
Expression lines start to show with motion, mild pigment changes spots starting to appear, slight volume loss

Wrinkles at rest
Fine lines apparent at rest, broken capillaries often show, Pigment seen in spots, volume reduced

Heavy deep set wrinkles
Deep set lines and folds, skin very thickened and yellow tone in colour, with obvious skin pigment spots and depleted volume, leather like texture

At Skin By DM we use cutting edge patented ingredients to re-awaken those skin cells and start to re-build those collagen fibres back up with no downtime. We can improve the overall look of the skin but also prevent and protect it from getting worse.