What People Say
Testimonials from clients

We're proud of the results that we see, and we're incredibly grateful to our clients who are happy to share their stories.

Below you can read comments from clients, and also see a number of before and after pictures of clients that we've helped. If you'd like to find out more, then why not get into contact today?

''Dani was really helpful from the start and I received complete honesty from her in regards to what products are best for me at a reasonable value. After using the recommended face wash and moisturiser for 2 weeks I saw an obvious reduction in my pore size and redness around my nose.

I was also slightly bumpy and spotty on my cheeks which virtually disappeared. Will definitely be sticking with Skin by DM!"

'I got in touch with Dani at Skin by DM in mid April as I was suffering a horrible breakout of perioral dermatitis. I have received the most incredible support and gained so much knowledge around skincare and the products I use.

After just 6 weeks my skin has healed and I now have a simple but amazing skincare routine. As well as the routine healing my skin barrier I can see a reduction in fine lines around my eyes and forehead and a lovely plumpness to my skin which was an amazing added bonus. I look forward to seeing the magic Dani can continue to do for my skin in the future. Thank you."