How it works
How we can work together to create results for today, tomorrow, and forever.

We provide unique online consultations, which have come into their own this last year and the lockdown restrictions that have affected so many of us. We use video calling for our online sessions and they are focused on discussing your skin and how we can support you. But rest assured, it's not just about us telling you what to do and selling you products, that is not how we work!

For us, it is all about education and sharing knowledge - in many cases when you have a good understanding of how your skin works and what it is doing, we can find the right solution which is as individual as you and your skin.

We have often heard stories from our clients about how they have spent large sums of money on various products which have had little or no effect, when what was required was the guidance and advice from a professional. We feel the investment of just £30 for one of our consultations is money well spent.
Book a skin consultation for just £30. You can do this from the booking page on this website.
Complete our online ‘Skin Health’ form which will automatically get sent to you once payment has been made, this also includes the booking schedule.
We will email your booking confirmation within 24 hours, this will also include your video call details.
Complete your live online consultation where we will discuss your skin health form, educate you on all things skin and most importantly recommending your personalised skincare routine.
Look forward to receiving your new skincare products/devices by post, along with your personalised routine.
Following on from your consultation we will organise a 6 week catch up call with you to check your progress and results.
We value your results and want to be with you on your skincare journey every step of the way, so we’ll always be able to answer any questions following on from the consultation. And don't forget, the price of the consultation also includes a follow up call six weeks later to check on your progress.

More information:
  • The consultation can be done from the comfort of your own home and completed in your own time to fit into your lifestyle.
  • Consultations last approximately 30 minutes.
  • It's all about education, and we guarantee you'll feel more informed with a better understanding of your skin and the ingredients that can help it.
  • Receive honest professional advice from a fully trained skin therapist.
  • We build your own personalised skincare routine taking into account what products you already have and any personal needs or skin problems.
  • Our professionals are always on hand to answer any questions you may have following on from your consultation.

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to better skin today and book a consultation now.

Ready for the next stage of your skin journey? Welcome to the Home Facials!

Your skincare routine is a journey that has to start somewhere, but that journey can take turns and go through bumps in the road. Your skin can change or you may be ready to take your results to the next level. At Skin By DM we support you along the journey every step of the way and can arrange an online appointment known as the Home Facial.

The great thing about the Home Facial is it will give you the stepping stones to perform results led facials from the comfort of your own home. So rather than paying for a one off facial that will not give you long lasting results, we feel confident that for the same price you will be taught the skills to perform a great number of facials in your own time, making this great value for money!

Our facial treatments and routines use a combination of professional pharmaceutical products and treatment devices. Different facials are suitable for different skin concerns so it is important to us that you complete the online consultation first. This will give us a good understanding of your skin and any problems that may restrict the use of some products/devices, ensuring they are suitable for you. We allow additional time for these appointments so we can ensure you understand the Home Facial steps and can leave feeling confident you know how to use the additional devices in your routine.

More Information:
  • We will analyse your skin, and make any amendments to your skincare where necessary.
  • Discuss how we can accelerate the results you are getting by introducing a Home Facial.
  • Create tailor made facial treatments with products and devices that can be used at home.
  • Home devices include a micro needle, radio frequency, and light treatment.
  • Demonstrate any additional devices that will be introduced to your plan.
  • Make a plan of action moving forward.

So let's give your skin the additional boost and learn how to take it to the next level! Contact us for further information and prices now.