Products that you can trust.

We pride ourselves in the brands that we have chosen to use. All our brands are a professional pharmaceutical grade with clinically proven formulations. Therefore you cannot find these products anywhere online or purchase them directly from our website. To be a stockist you must go through significant training, and they can only be recommended by a skincare professional.

We are all about results and you will get results from using our recommendations. All our brands are paraben free, with no added fragrances or colours, if there are any fragrances it is from the ingredients themselves.

Skin confidence is only a consultation away, so if you are interested in a product or an existing client looking to reorder then please contact us for more information.

We're proud to share all of the details of our products, including what's in them, how to use, and other information. However, we can see you're viewing this page on a mobile device. Therefore, please visit this page on a tablet or desktop / laptop to see all of the relevant information.

Allskin Med

Allskin Med uses cutting edge formulations to give you real results using active ingredients but without the irritation or downtime ensuring that they target every layer of the skin to give maximum results. The products are multi-tasking meaning you do not need a huge regime and they will target multiple concerns. So let’s make you feel great in your skin and boost your skin confidence, book a consultation now.

Skin Better Science

An award winning skincare brand that has rigorous science and clinical studies behind their products. They leverage advanced chemistry to make their skincare do more. No need for a multi-step routine but an uncomplicated approach to skincare. One product can deliver remarkable results but two or three can change how you feel about your skin.


BiRetix is a medical grade cosmetic solution, clinically proven to every stage in the cycle of spot/acne prone skin. It utilises a unique combination of Vitamin A ingredients, botanical complexes and salicylic acid. Reduces black heads, spots and inflammation and balances sebum levels. Suitable from 12 years plus if suffering with spot prone skin.


To support you in your journey to healthy skin, there are also other devices that you can use to accelerate your results. These are not topical products but take the form of tools or personal equipment that you can use from the comfort of your own home. We provide full instructions and guidance in how to use them and are here if you have any questions. Please click here for more information.